WIP – Work in Progress – Pirate Flag Blanket

Working on a new tapestry crochet blanket. It’s a pirate theme (you’ll find I do a lot of those) – but instead of a standard black/white I thought I would add some color. It’s not in this picture, but will be in the next update of this blanket.


pirate flag blanket

More graph crochet blankets

I thought I should include some pictures of some other blankets I have made using a graph to put in the picture which going along.

Arranged by order: The blue and red pirate was my first, then the blue kitty, the tan kitty, the Snoopy, and lastly the skull and crossbones.

I have made a couple more, but I don’t have pictures of them that don’t have someone else’s children in them. I’m sorry my lovely audience, you’ll have to imagine them. 🙂

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