Kickboxing Geishas – by Veronica Chambers

Been doing a lot of reading lately. This is one book I’ve been enthralled with.

It’s called Kickboxing Geishas – it’s about women and their changing roles in Japan. I never really thought about women in Japan really. I don’t have a love of anime or anything overtly Japanese (aside from sushi) so this was a whim book.

I found this while cruising around on Goodreads and added it to my list. I’m about halfway through and I like it. It’s given me some food for thought about role-models and forging my own path.


10 books…

I was challenged on Facebook to list 10 books that have impacted me in some way… So here you go, in no particular order.

1. The Giver – by Lois Lowry
2. The Crystal Singer (series) – by Anne McCaffrey
3. The Dresden Files (series) – by Jim Butcher
4. Red Rising (soon to be trilogy!) – by Pierce Brown
5. Gentleman Bastard (series) – by Scott Lynch
6. The Giving Tree – by Shel Silverstein
7. Garden Spells – by Sarah Addison Allen
8. Pride and Prejudice – by Jane Austen
9. The Art of Racing in the Rain – by Garth Stein
10. Written in Red (The Others series) – by Anne Bishop

And I’m cheating because I can’t just pick 10!
11. The Great Gatsby – by F. Scott Fitzgerald
12. Gone with the Wind – by Margaret Mitchell

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Can I give a book six stars?

I want to.

Goodreads suggested this to me as a potential book to read.

This was fantastic! I am in awe of how well written and thought out this was. I love the hero, Darrow, and how flawed he was. He seemed a real person with his mistakes and his anger. He wasn’t perfect, a great strategist, a brilliant intellect, or made mistakes that ended up being the correct choices. He was flawed in every wonderful, horrible sense of the word.

Thank you Pierce Brown for creating this book. Thank you Goodreads for promoting it and suggesting it. I loved every bloodydamn page. I dreamt the words. I hated and loved turning every page. I did not want to put it down to attend my children, make dinner or sleep. I was barely into this book before I wanted everyone I knew to read it. It’s touted as similar to The Hunger Games or Ender’s Game, but I think it far surpasses.

I wait for more from this amazing and talented author. I hope he is prolific with his ideas and writing. I send many, many Muses his way.

If you’re looking for a terrific book to read, I HIGHLY recommend this one. Try it out, let me know what you think!

red rising

More graph crochet blankets

I thought I should include some pictures of some other blankets I have made using a graph to put in the picture which going along.

Arranged by order: The blue and red pirate was my first, then the blue kitty, the tan kitty, the Snoopy, and lastly the skull and crossbones.

I have made a couple more, but I don’t have pictures of them that don’t have someone else’s children in them. I’m sorry my lovely audience, you’ll have to imagine them. 🙂

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